The Cosmonaut
and how he said Farewell!
to his Friends
and traveled Beyond
and into the Unknown.

The Prisoner
that was sentenced
to the Abyss
of Despair.

The Martyr
and how she found Freedom!
and saved the Universe.

Hjarta is the Norse word for “heart”. Hjarta is a collection of short stories and a point and click adventure game. It is set in a futuristic world and has three chapters, which you can play in any order you want.

Hjarta, another short point-and-click style adventure, features three discreet sci-fi stories that can be undertaken in any order (…) Darkly optimistic and highly nebulous, these mini-stories evoke Kubrick, Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem, and even Star Trek.

Gaming Respawn

Noteworthy, however is not only the stories, but above all the wonderful animations and innovative use of AGS – sometimes leaving normal adventure views “on the side” and allowing a different direction, all decorated like a solid quality animated film (…) It is actually a bit surprising that Hjarta is available free of charge.