The sun rises. The good people of this zone wake up from their slumber only to find that the city reserves of The Dream Tea, a favoured refreshment in these parts, has run empty. Its main ingredient? The Dream Juice, a mystical black extract, somehow connected to that tower on the horizon…

Travel across desert dunes towards The Great Tower to find questions, answers and most importantly: something to drink. Survive mysterious separatists, face The Stone Golem and cook a wide selection of broth based soups… That is: If you can get a ticket on a train in the first place.

Dagdrøm is an adventure game, inspired by the classics of the genre. It is being developed for Windows PC and Mac, with an estimated release date by the beginning of 2023.

Eight Bit Skyline = me, a one man developer based in Bergen, Norway. I have been making free games for a couple of years, and Dagdrøm is my first commercial game.

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