While Dreaming is a short interactive story I made for GameJolts #AdvJam2018. It will generate a new story every time you play it, with story elements weaved together with dreamlike logic…

Here’s some nice stuff that nice people have said about the game so far:

… this game made me slow down and truly think on what I was gazing into, only then was I able to see the human emotions behind each slide. I found myself then drawing the infinite realities in which the scenes were contained, however the scenes themselves were simply wonderful. This is a slow paced, easy and relaxing experience I will not forget. Such a calm and nearly meditative-transient state of existence.

Hayden Raven on Itch.io

Famous film director Hitchcock once said something about how cutting, the way one puts scenes together, is a huge part of how a story is told. This game is a fascinating experiment with that, and it does something magical with how the human mind automatically fills in the gaps with its imagination, thus, making a sort of story out of what is likely scenes that are randomly put together each time. Its very unique and I’m glad I played it a few times.

Chilling Circuits on GameJolt.com

While Dreaming is developed for Windows, Mac and Linux with Unity. You can download it from GameJolt and Itch.io.