“The final version” has new features, graphics and bug fixes.

I finally got around to fixing my Adventure Jam 2017 contribution Off the Record (dedicated page here). The game has also been added to Itch.io and IndieDB, and updated at GameJolt, if that’s your cup of tea!

New features:

– Simple economy
– More dialogue options
– Updated intro
– More interactions
– New gfx
– Two new tracks on the record player
– Updated story points
– Updated and improved endings
– Updated credits
– Norwegian (bokmål) localization
– Italian localization (courtesy of Elena Mazzetto)

Bug fixes:

– Fixed «Bird lady» randomly appearing (day 7)
– Mouse to the top of the screen opens inventory
– Inventory size fix
– Added character labels to make it clear who’s talking
– Shorter transition from outside to inside
– Sound levels inside store edited
– Typos